Scarlett’s Chilli


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Scarlett’s Chilli

“This is a breathtaking chilli variety and definitely worth growing”

C. Annuum

Scarlett’s Chilli is a C. Annuum bred by Graeme Chaplin in Western Australia, and it is one of the most beautiful chilli varieties we have.

It is a Purple Tiger cross and we have grown it for 3 seasons now. We are still working on stabilising the variegated version. 1 in 3 turns out variegated, so you will get a few of this stunning variety. We don’t sell many varieties that aren’t 100% stable, but we thought this one is so gorgeous, so here it is for you to have a go.

The plant is short and very busy with amazing variegated leaves.  White, purple and green leaves mixed together beautifully. Even the pods have a remarkable colour change. They start off a dark purple, then the pods go through different shades of violet with dark stripes to a final state of red with blotchy purple stripes.

Pod size: 3cm long and 1.5-2cm wide

Flavour: They have a slightly sweet taste and are very juicy

Heat level: Medium

’10-12 chilli seeds per pack’

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