Madre Vieja Chilli


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Madre Vieja Chilli

C. Baccatum

Madre Vieja Chilli probably originates from southwestern Guatemala, where the Madre Vieja river can be found. Madre Vieja means “old mother” in Spanish.

A rather compact looking plant, that grows well in a pot to around 80-90 cm in height, and it’s easy to grow. Furthermore a great producer and it has a long growing season.

First the pods start a light green colour and then they change to warm yellow, when they are fully mature.

The Madre Vieja would be a great choice for a delicious chilli sauce, or dry the pods and make your own chilli powder.

All in all an amazing looking plant, a great producer of chillies with a deep upper mid heat burn and a distinct flavour. A flavour we never had before, and we really like it. If you are after something with a different flavour profile or are an Aji lemon fan then this would be excellent

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Pod size: 6 cm long and 1 cm wide. Thin walled, nice and crispy.

Flavour: Very different flavour, because it tastes like a grapefruit. Really nice.

Heat level: Upper mid heat. Nice deep burn

10-12 Madre Vieja chilli seeds per pack.


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