Kanthari Chilli


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Kanthari Chilli

Capsicum Frutescens

Kanthari Chilli is grown in Kerala & some parts of Tamil Nadu in India. This is an awesome looking plant, which tends to get quite bushy and grows similar to the Tabasco. When this plant is grown in a pot it grows approximate one metre in height. However, when it is planted in the ground it can double in height.

The Kanthari chilli is an amazing producer of small pointy white/ivory coloured chilli pods, that ripen to a beautiful orange colour. The chilli pods are approximately 2.5 cm long 0.6 cm wide.

Overall, this is a chilli plant we highly recommend, because not only is it an awesome producer, it also looks fantastic, and has a great flavour. This is a good cooking chilli.

Flavour wise: Crunchy, with a taste of pepper. Slightly on the bitter side.

Heat level:  Upper Mid Heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.

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