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A seed variety pack that contains the Guinness World’s Record Holders.

Here is a chilli seed variety pack with all the record holders. Years ago everybody found a habanero crazy hot, but time has changed. Now we are talking insane heat. Heat that can get even the biggest man to fall apart or lay in foetal position screaming. This is an awesome collection to have in your chilli garden.

The bonus is you get both the habanero pepper, the 7 Pod Pepper, the Ghost Pepper and the Scorpion Pepper all in one pack.

The pack contains:


You will feel like you stick you tongue in a deep-fryer and the heat radiates to your ears. Some people starts to hallucinate, when they get the really super hot chilli pepper. You’ll loose your sense of taste for some day and be sure to have a lot of food in your tummy, if you want to eat a raw super hot pepper, otherwise you’ll get stomach cramps. One good advice: Do not vomit, because it is extremely painful getting the pepper up your nose.

Each variety contains 10 chilli seeds per pack.

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