Cumari Pollux


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Cumari Pollux

‘A Wild Chilli from The Brazilian Rainforests’

Capsicum Praetermissum

Cumari Pollux is a Capsicum Praetermissum, a wild chilli variety from Brazil. The plant grows to over a metre in a pot and would get bigger, if you plant it in the ground. The pods are very small (3-4 mm)  and matures from green to bright red. It’s very prolific with heaps of pods on the plant.

Cumari Pollux would be great in a tomato soup, stir-fry, chilli con carne or drying. It packs a punch with a decent burn, that lasts for ages. The flavour is a bit hard to describe, because of the instant burn you get, when you eat it. After a little bit the flavour starts and it is a bit tangy with a fruity taste as well.

A great chilli plant, very suitable for growing in pots, as it still produces very well.

Flavour wise: Fruity and a bit sour. Very juicy.

Heat level:  A little firecracker 8/15

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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