Chocolate Scorpion Shock Hot Sauce

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Chocolate Scorpion Shock Hot Sauce

‘Shocking Hot Chilli Sauce’

This super hot chilli sauce smells like an Indian meal. You get a light curry garlic aroma and taste wise an instant flavour burst. Then it hits and builds heat wise, whilst still retaining flavour for lovers of flavoursome heat. It’s a very rare hot chilli sauce, because it’s not often you will have a great flavour in super hot sauce. The smell is sensational, you just want to try it.

Add a few drops on your meal and it will heat it up or use 1/2 teaspoon in this delicious Chicken Korma instead of the dried chilli flakes.

Ingredients: Seedless grapes, Chocolate Trinidad Scorpions chillies, vinegar, apples, sugar, capsicum, onions, mustard seeds, curry powder, garlic, ginger and other spices.

One of our newest hot sauces made of our own THSC Chocolate Scorpions. Seriously HOT – 1 drop burns your tongue – 1 spoon will whack your head off. Dare you?

Award winning gourmet hot chilli sauce. Handmade, all natural and contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

Chilli: The Hippy Seed Company’s Chocolate Scorpion

Heat Level: 15/15

All our chilli sauces are handmade, all natural and contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

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6 reviews for Chocolate Scorpion Shock Hot Sauce

  1. Morten Staer

    Don’t let the chocolate part of the name fool you! It stings like a Scorpion and if not treated with respect it will shock you as well.

  2. Alexey and Kateryna

    Fantastic sauce! At first you get the amazing flavours of curry, ginger and spices, but then the heat starts to build up and it will carry all those flavours right through until the heat dies down. It is a masterpiece of hot sauce.

  3. GoldilokZ

    I’ve ordered a few of these over the last couple of years..onto my third bottle now. Slightly sour hot sauce that goes with everything.

  4. Slimwaffle (verified owner)

    Just wow. What a beautiful taste, with a nice heat level and burn. Way tastier than anything with reaper in it. And the flavors linger with the burn. What an amazing sauce.

  5. missionbcrandy (verified owner)

    Been growing THSC Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion Pepper from seeds purchased from Neil & Charlotte for 4-5 years now and this year decided to buy their Chocolate Scorpion Shock Hotsauce made from these peppers.

    A small drop let’s you enjoy the flavour of the peppers, curry and mustard, totally delicious on the palate. Today I decided to warm up the soul with a full teaspoon full and besides enjoying the flavours, the heat was very powerful on back of the throat and tongue with a full mouth warmth after even 10 minutes. This is an incredible hotsauce if you love heat with loads of flavour. Highly recommend!!

  6. deanamjah

    This is the first sauce I tried from this company and it is a winner!
    Its mild curry taste, subtle sweet profile, and pleasantly hot chili kick make it a must-try for spice lovers. The sauce strikes a perfect balance, infusing dishes with a unique twist of curry while offering a hint of sweetness that doesn’t overpower. But be prepared for the heat! This sauce brings the fire, gradually building up for a satisfying burn. For a thrilling and flavorful experience, don’t miss out on the Chocolate Scorpion Shock Hot Sauce.
    – Dean. A

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