Blue Christmas



Blue Christmas

The Blue Christmas is a Capsicum Annuum. It’s origin is unknown, but we have been growing it for years . The plant grows to about 50 cm in a pot and is one of the most beautiful chilli varieties we have seen. The stems and leaves are dark purple and the colour change in the pods are spectacular. When the pods ripen the colours go from pink, purple, orange and red. Some have black dots and some have stripes.

It probably earned it’s name from being shaped like a Christmas Tree covered with colourful Christmas lights.

The Blue Christmas would be great in a salsa, veggie chilli or pickled.

Flavour wise: It taste a bit salty and sweet at the same time. Really nice actually.

Heat wise: A little firecracker. The heat level would be upper mid heat 7/10

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 9 x 5 x 0.05 cm


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