Aji Peanut


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Aji Peanut

C. Baccatum

Aji Peanut is a big Baccatum variety from South America. An amazing producer of peppers resembling peanut shells.

Easy to grow and in a pot the plant grows to over one meter in height. Imagine if this chilli is planted in a garden bed, it would be enormous. The pods start off a light green and end up a fiery red, when they are fully mature. Furthermore an unbelievable producer and it keeps giving.

If you love a big plant that keeps giving the Aji Peanut is one of a kind. The pods have a lite citrus flavour and is one of the hottest C. Baccatum’s we have tried. Perfect for pickling, or in any dish require some heat.

A quite prolific chilli and the fruit have a delicious sweet flavour. Heat wise they pack quite a punch, so this variety is something rare and unique, do not miss this one!

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Pods size: Thin walled pods, 5 cm long and 1 cm wide

Flavour: Light citrus flavour

Heat level: Upper mid heat One of the hottest Baccatums we have tried.

One packet contains 10-12 Aji Peanut chilli seeds.

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