Aji Chuncho

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Aji Chuncho

Capsicum Frutescens

Aji Chuncho originates from Peru. It is a Capsicum Frutescens type, that we have grown for a few years. It looks like a little tree with small leaves and is very easy to grow. The plant grows to a metre in a pot, so if you plant it in the ground, it would grow much bigger.  It is an amazing producer of bright red pods 4-5 cm tall and around 1 cm wide. Easy to grow and easily looked after.

All round the Aji Chuncho is a great producer and would be excellent chopped up and used in Asian sauces, a stir fry or pickled. A great cooking chilli with a great burn not over the top.

Flavour wise: Crispy with a sweet nice capsicum taste, that stays for ages.

Heat wise: Upper mid heat and gives a good whack all over the mouth.

10-12 chilli seeds per pack


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