Hot Chilli Sauces, Purees & Jams

Hot chilli sauces

Award winning hot chilli sauces

Mild, Medium, Hot and Extremely Hot Chilli Sauces. Insanely Hot Chilli Puree & Chili Jams

 We’ve a burning hot chilli sauce range consisting of numerous Hottest Pepper Sauce award winners, chilli jams & chilli purées.

The selection of sauces goes from mild to some of the hottest natural chilli sauces in the World.

The Chilli Purees are made of some of the hottest chillies in the world. So if you own a Restaurant, Takeaway, Bakery, Butcher or if you are a sauce makers, the purees would be an excellent alternative for fresh pods.

All chilli sauces, purees and jams are handmade, all natural and contains no artificial colors or preservatives

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