Aji Jobito

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Aji Jobito

C. Chinense

Aji Jobito is an extremely rare chilli pepper from Venezuela. Lots of the Aji peppers are from the Baccatum family, but not this beautiful chilli – it is a Chinense like the  Aji Panca. According to some people that have had the pleasure of trying it, this should be the best tasting non-hot C. Chinense.

The chilli plant looks amazing. It is a solid plant with big leaves and it grows to about 70 cm tall in a pot. The pods have an oval shape and are about 4 cm long and 3 cm wide. Starts off a light green and ends up orange, when the pod is ripe.

It is quite an exclusive one we have here and it’s not easy to get them.

Flavour wise: Sweet with a light Chinense flavour

Heat level: Mild, if you dry them you will sense a bit of a heat. 1/15

10 Aji Jobito chilli seeds per pack.

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